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Leigh Folk Festival

Full event management services

Leigh Folk Festival is the UK's largest free folk festival, having launched in 1992 as part of the new UK-wide initiative 'National Music Day', it has grown into a seminal event in the folk music calendar. Run by a group of community-minded volunteers, it brings together broadchurch programming of music, dance and other mediums with more than 200 acts across 4 days, uniting a community with more than 20,000 attendees. Mike and Bromfield Events have worked with Leigh Folk Festival for more than 8 years.

Adding to the event's complexity, it takes place at multiple indoor and outdoor venues, nearly all require additional infrastructure, and the entire festival site moves location on its third and fourth days.

Initially joining its team to grow the festival's appeal to younger audiences, this would evolve into developing event management plans, emergency safety planning, logistic delivery, artist booking, production management, volunteer recruitment and management, concession management, marketing, brand evolution and diversifying the events income streams.

This included introducing two new venues targeted at younger audiences, including stage management, booking and promotion as well as delivering a full festival rebrand, and launching a new website and social media accounts.

As the festival grew in attendee numbers and size, the need for a bolstered volunteer team grew, and Mike introduced the #FolkFestArmy, taking the festival from 20 volunteers to more than 150 in two years.

Working with local authorities and emergency services, Mike worked to support the introduction of the festival's first Event Management & Safety Plan. 

Over a two-year period increased the event's concession income by 70%, diversifying both the food and retail offering.

Design: Elliott Waters

Video: Rebelflux

Photography: Matt Allen, Mark Keyes, Mick Ekers, Anne Hinton Van't Hof, Sean Buckley.

"Over the years Mike has demonstrated he is a highly skilled Event Manager who leads by example to get the most from his team. His communication throughout projects has been impeccable, pushing himself that extra mile to not only ensure projects have been delivered on time but on budget too. His work is to the highest of standards as he strives to deliver events with meticulous care."

Elliott Waters, Event & Marketing Manager

Leigh Folk Festival

Leigh Folk Festival video
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