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Youth-Led Solutions Summit on Climate Action

YMCA of the USA, in partnership with the World YMCA and delivery partner YMCA San Francisco, was developing the first in a series of global forums that would bring together young leaders from around the world to find solutions to tackle the problems identified by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

The event would coincide with the UN's 75th anniversary, with the founding declaration having been signed at the Herbst Theatre, in San Francisco, flagship events were to include a ceremony at the theatre, and welcome at Salesforce Tower.

A committee of diverse youth voices was formed, forming a central consultation group, who were provided with the agency to bring the event to life.

Over an initial week-long period on-site, the group were tasked work out the event's format, delegate recruitment mechanisms, content production and journey that attendees would undergo before, during and after the event.

Bromfield Events provided facilitation to the committee, expertise and knowledge, bringing cohesion and direction to the groups work, ultimately co-creating a plan that could be executed by organisers.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the event is transitioning to a digital format later in 2020, with Bromfield Events working on the reimagining of the concept.

"Bromfield Events brings leadership values from every angle as both a strategic and action-oriented partner. Their keen ability to listen is an attribute that allows it to synthesize ideas and concepts into frameworks and action steps. Mike is a mission-focused professional with a strong set of skills and a deep sense of cooperative professionalism. He works exceptionally as a collaborative partner and handles the inevitable pressures with aplomb and grace. They are 100% reliable and anticipate friction and bottlenecks with solutions and calm."

Charles Collins, President Emeritus

YMCA of San Francisco

Streaming: Alternative Vision

Animation: Charlie O'Halloran

Virtual platform: Hopin

Translation: Interactio

YLSS Climate Action Highlights
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